Green Building

Green Building Design, also known as “Sustainable Building, is coming of age as we recognize that global resources are limited and climate change is inevitable. Green building recognizes the environmental impact of buildings, their construction, life-cycle, and ultimate demolition, and works to lessen this impact through:

  • Energy efficiency.

  • Environmentally sound building materials.

  • Innovative building design.

  • Healthy indoor environment.

  • Certified buildings are designed and engineered by trained and certified structural metal building engineers to meet all local building codes for snow and wind load and seismic conditions.

  • Building components are engineered and fabricated to precise specifications using the highest grade commercial steel available.

  • Modern steel manufacturers employ energy efficient methods in steel production that help to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • When a steel building is demolished to make way for new construction the metal building materials don’t end up in a landfill like: asphalt, shingles, concrete, brick, and wood. The steel is recycled instead.

  • Steel can be recycled over and over again without loss of the quality of the steel.

  • More steel is recycled than all other recyclable materials combined.

Metal building roofs also work to save energy and the environment in cooler climates. A painted metal roof not only reflects heat in the summer but also retains heat inside the building on cool days. Saving on heating costs and keeping the indoor environment healthy and comfortable in both the summer and winter.

Steel Buildings are: 

  • Cost Effective, Energy Efficient and Green

  • Don’t require cutting down valuable forests.

  • Manufactured with a high proportion of recycled content.

  • Employ sustainable building design and construction and erect in less time than conventional building construction.

  • Fire and rust resistant and steel buildings are virtually maintenance free.

  • By nature,durable, cost effective, energy efficient and green.

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